Bitcoin Stash Update 12/17/18


Bitcoin Stash officially hard forked from Bitcoin Cash at block 556767 on November 15th. Since then, our chain has held a significant hash rate advantage to both SV and ABC without real mainstream acceptance and no exchange support. Our team predicted months in advance that the Bitcoin Cash chain split would happen on November 15th. While people like Roger Ver said there would be no chain split up until the last minute, we developed a permanent solution to the BCH chain split. Although we don’t have backings of billionaires like ABC’s Jihan Wu or SV’s Calvin Ayre, our chain is running smoothly and has significantly more hashrate than both of their chains combined due to our implementation of merged mining. At the time of publication, Bitcoin Stash is operating with 15.2% of Bitcoin’s hashrate, while ABC and SV both only hold under 4% of Bitcoin’s hashrate. Additionally, we have captured the attention of many cryptocurrency investors around the world, albeit with a very small marketing budget.


As a minority chain, Bitcoin Cash has failed. It must now accept reality. The lower the hashrate, the easier it is to attack the chain. Craig Wright, with the help of billionaire Calvin Ayre, has created a successful fork in Bitcoin SV. They have threatened to attack Bitcoin Cash, and they have the capabilities to do so. The more that Bitcoin SV’s price rises and Bitcoin Cash’s price falls, the easier it becomes to attack Bitcoin Cash. As Bitcoin Cash is under attack, we must remember this fact. While Calvin Ayre is a wealthy man, he is a tiny mosquito compared to the true elites in this world. There are thousands of billionaires in this world, and he is just one of them. If Bitcoin Cash cannot fight back against one single digit billionaire, it has no hope against nations states.


Bitcoin Cash has always rejected merge mining, despite it being raised as a viable alternative by many people over the years. We, the BStash team, know that merge mining is the best path forward. Once BStash can obtain the support of the majority of SHA256 miners, it will be unassailable just like Bitcoin. Craig Wright and Calvin Ayer will be no threat to us, while Bitcoin Cash will forever struggle with its miniscule hashrate.  


Bitcoin Cash must stop pretending that it can be the real Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash. Likewise, Bitcoin Stash is Bitcoin Stash. We will never pretend to be anything other than Bitcoin Stash. Bitcoin Stash will work together with Bitcoin. Merge mining allows us to coexist with Bitcoin, instead of trying to compete with it for hash.


There is a lot of work for us to do in the days ahead. We are working diligently on getting an exchange listing and increasing miner adoption. On the software side, important items to be developed are wallet alternatives (SPV/Android/Iphone), block explorers with merge mining support, a public mining pool, and further contributions to the Bitcoin Stash full node. Further, we are working on a novel feature that will be completely unique to the cryptocurrency ecosystem which we will announce in the coming months. Please join our Bitcoin Stash Forum, follow our Twitter, and continue checking our website regularly for updates on Bitcoin Stash where we will provide further updates.


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