Bitcoin Stash Exchange Listing


The Bitcoin Stash Team is excited to announce our first exchange listing! As of 12/31/18, Bitcoin Stash trading has been enabled on Trading for Bitcoin Stash will occur under the symbol “BSH” and will trade against Bitcoin as BSH/BTC.

In our last update, we discussed the increased security and other advantages that Bitcoin Stash holds over Bitcoin ABC and SV as a result of our implementation of merged mining. Currently, Bitcoin Stash is still operating with around 15% of Bitcoin’s hash rate and close to 5 times the hashrates of both ABC and SV. Many miners have already discovered the advantages of merged mining with Bitcoin Stash even before an exchange listing, but we are continuing to attract more and more SHA256 miners to our chain. In this, our team is continuing to diligently work to provide additional features to Bitcoin Stash.

For Bitcoin Cash holders on November 15th who have yet to claim their equivalent Bitcoin Stash, this can be done using your BCH private key with the Bitcoin Stash wallet that can be downloaded and ran here. This is the only option available at this time and will take about 180GB of space to fully sync. If your BCH private key is held by an exchange, please reach out to them to determine if they will be releasing your Bitcoin Stash to you.

As mentioned in our last update, we are still working on a novel feature that will be completely unique to the cryptocurrency ecosystem which we will announce in the coming months. If you would like to begin mining Bitcoin Stash in a public mining pool, one is available through SimplyPool. Also, if you would like to trade Bitcoin Stash on your native exchange, contact your exchange and request Bitcoin Stash to be listed. This will greatly increase the likelihood of Bitcoin Stash being listed on more exchanges soon. Lastly, please join our Bitcoin Stash Forum, follow our Twitter, and continue checking our website regularly for updates on Bitcoin Stash. Happy Trading!


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