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Bitcoin Stash is a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash. With each passing day, as the true value of cryptocurrencies become better understood, the threat of 51% attacks on the Bitcoin Cash network becomes more imminent. Corporate and private interests, combined with greed and incompetence has corrupted the security of Bitcoin Cash. On November 15th, 2018 at approximately 4:40 PM GMT, we provided the solution through merged mining with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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Officially Hard Forked!

As of approximately 7:30 PM GMT on November 15th, 2018, we are pleased to announce that Bitcoin Stash has officially...

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The Bitcoin Stash team is comprised of a group of former Bitcoin Cash developers and community members that have become dismayed at...

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2 days ago
Over the last few days BStash Hash has seemed to settle around 5.3 Eh/s!
5 days ago
ABC Hash has fallen below 1Eh/s. BStash now has a 458% higher hash than ABC at 4.495 Eh/s.
2 weeks ago
As of 1 a.m. GMT we are 235.5% over ABC hash!
2 weeks ago
New client release. Contains important networking fixes, please update immediately. This will fix any initial sync issues!
2 weeks ago
BStash has over 175% of Bitcoin ABC hashrate😈.... pretty pathetic war.... #StashHasHash #BitcoinCash #BitcoinABC #BitcoinSV #Hashwar BitcoinStash photo