Answers To The Most Common Questions Regarding Bitcoin Stash

What is Bitcoin Stash?

Bitcoin Stash is a hardfork of Bitcoin Cash to combat the interests of the Bitcoin Cash leaders.

What Exchanges Support Bitcoin Stash?

As of now, Bitcoin Stash is only supported by FinexBox. If you would like to see Bitcoin Stash listed on your exchange, please contact us and your exchange with a request!

If I held Bitcoin Cash at the fork, can I get Bitcoin Stash?

Yes, as long as you control the private keys. If your Bitcoin Cash was held on exchanges, you may or may not receive Bitcoin Stash depending on what the exchanges decide to do with them.

When did the hardfork occur?

November 15th, 2018 at block 556767.

Is Bitcoin Stash Secure?

Yes, Bitcoin Stash offers replay protection and has been operating with a higher hashrate than both BCH ABC and BCH SV.

Is Bitcoin Stash an ICO?

No, Bitcoin Stash is not an ICO. It is a decentralized hardfork of Bitcoin Cash.

Was Bitcoin Stash Premined?

No. Our team did not premine Bitcoin Stash in order to stay transparent and fair. Bitcoin Stash is a truly decentralized hardfork of Bitcoin Cash.

Does Bitcoin Stash have a White Paper?

Yes, Bitcoin Stash will be using the original Satoshi Nakamoto white paper for a full peer-to-peer version of electronic cash. One can read this whitepaper here.

What algorithm is used to mine Bitcoin Stash?


What is Merged Mining?

Merged Mining allows miners to simultaneously mine Bitcoin Stash and one of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash with little to no extra energy usage. In turn, this provides a greater incentive to miners and increases the hashrate and security of Bitcoin Stash.

Is Bitcoin Stash, Bitcoin Cash?

No. Bitcoin Stash is Bitcoin Stash, and Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash.

Are There Any Bitcoin Stash Mining Pools?

Yes! Simply Pool offers a Bitcoin Stash Mining Pool. If you are an interested miner that would like to join, follow the link to Simply Pool’s website.

Did Bitcoin Stash implement Replay Protection?

Yes. Bitcoin Stash implemented replay protection to keep our transactions safe post-fork.

Where can I read more about Bitcoin Stash?

Feel free to join our Forum and check out our Twitter and Medium to read more from our development team!